A Horrible Histories children’s exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.

I programmed and co-designed 5 interactives for the gallery

– Rationing cooking game which let’s the user prepare their own “rotten recipes”. A recipe will be generated depending how what ingredients are choose, preparation method and cooking time.
– ‘The Blitz – Where you live’ A UK map displayed on a 46″ touch screen. The aim was to show the scale of the blitz in a comprehensible way and provide an overview and comparison of  the bombings across Britain.

– A “Whack a Mole” type of game, aiming to point out unusual Street Hazards that would have been applicable during the Blitz

– “Find out your Blitz job” a way to test your personality and to find out what sort of job would have suited you during the blitz

– “The Survival Guide” the children are give tasks to discover things in the exhibition. They collect their findings and at the end of the exhibition they can see how much they gathered.

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